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Terlingua Ale

Author: Margaret Searles
Genre: Mystery
Reviewed by: Frank McGourty

12210401Terlingua Ale may be the title but murder is the subject. Margaret Searles brings back her favorite sleuths, Mrs. Millet and Mrs. Hark, two ladies of a "certain age in this southwestern cozy."  During a visit to Big Bend, Texas, the only peril for Margaret Millet seems to be fending off her good friend Judy's attempt to be a matchmaker. But that was before the ladies found themselves involved in a four-year-old murder. As they investigate, the body count increases and one of Mrs. Millet's suitors is found with an ax, buried in his neck. The ladies are now on the trail of a murderer who intends to cover his tracks by making the senior sleuths his next victims.

Mrs. Millet and Mrs. Hark are determined to solve the mystery and bring a cold-blooded killer to jail despite his attempts to bring them to their grave. The killer causes an international incident that almost costs the ladies their lives, as their white water rafting trip is ambushed. The ladies can barely keep their heads above water as bullets from the killer's rifle puts a damper on their trip and holes in their raft, throwing them into the churning waters of the Rio Grande.

The author Margaret Searles bring us mystery and adventure, and into the southwest region of Texas just a rowboat ride across the Rio Grande from Mexico. With Mrs. Millet and Mrs. Hark we experience the lonely but beautiful vistas where a rocky outcropping is a display of art hung against an emptiness that only this Texas region can provide and murder can ruin.

A Cozy mystery, Tex-Mex style.


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